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Month: February 2018

Update: But God Ministries

Sharing the love of Jesus Christ through building sustainable communities around the world . . . Sharing the love of Jesus Christ through building  sustainable communities around the world. February 7,2018 Great Trip – Incredible Ministry I just returned from Haiti Monday night. I was blown away by all the incredible ministry taking place through our BGM missionaries and our Haitian partners on the ground. God is doing a great work! This little guy is six years old. His mother has nine children, all boys. Her husband died a few months ago. This little boy has cerebral palsy and he also...

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LP: I Will ______________ Part 2

From Lifepoint. “We have been inspired and motivated and then it happens. We hit that wall, that giant within that tries to prevent us from fulfilling our destiny. It’s in the training that we learn to dig deep so we can go the distance. It’s in the training when we find the answers to: who we are, who God is, what we have in our hands, and how God can use our weaknesses that we will be empowered to knock down any...

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